Emptied Trash Data Recovery

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Written By Michael Gilmer

A certified data recovery specialist, this guide aims to provide you with expert advice on MAC data recovery.

Accidentally delete files on Mac? No problem! How you react when your Mac’s data gets corrupted can either lead to the permanent loss of important data or a smooth recovery process. If a situation that requires recovering deleted files from an emptied trash on Mac occurs, then what you must do first is to stop using it. Don’t be tempted to delete any other files before starting the retrieval process because that might increase chances of overwriting the original file. You don’t have to panic if you haven’t backed up the data on your Mac. If you don’t have any backup plan yet, then you can follow these easy steps to recover deleted files from an emptied trash on Mac.

The different ways to recover deleted files from an emptied trash on Mac :

Recovering Files From the Trash with a Time Machine Backup

If you have a Time Machine backup, recovering files from the Trash is a breeze. To begin the recovery process, you need to boot your Mac back into OS X, navigate to the Time Machine backup drive, then connect the Mac to the same Time Machine backup drive for data retrieval. Once the drive is connected, you’ll be prompted to restore the entire computer. Just click the Restore button and wait for the recovery process to complete.

Recovering Files from the Trash With a Data Recovery Software

If you’ve emptied the Trash and want to recover a file, you can try using a file recovery software. I’ve used Wondershare Recoverit for years and I really like the software. You can use it to recover deleted files from anywhere on a drive (including from a Time Machine backup). There are other file recovery software options out there, but for me, Wondershare Recoverit is the best choice.

Recovering Files from an Emptied Trash with iCloud Backup

If you’ve emptied your Trash and want to recover a file, you can try restoring from an iCloud backup. If you have an iCloud backup, your deleted files may be included in the backup. However, you won’t be able to recover a file if it’s no longer part of the backup. This is because iCloud automatically compresses your backup file and uses different encryption techniques to ensure that your backup data can’t be accessed without your password. If a file is deleted from your Mac or from an iCloud backup, it will be removed from the compressed backup file as well.

There are two ways to get your file back using an iCloud backup : You can restore the entire iCloud backup or an individual file within the backup. Restoring the entire iCloud backup could potentially restore the entire contents of your trash, and restoring a single file within the backup will only include files that are within the specified period, including files that have been deleted from the Trash. You can review your iCloud backup file by viewing it in the Finder or from within the iCloud system preferences (Mac OS X > iCloud > Storage & Backup).

Using a Data Recovery Service to Recover Data from an Emptied Trash

When all other options have failed, you may want to consider engaging a data recovery service to get back files lost when you emptied the Trash. This is the most expensive method of recovering permanently deleted data, but in some cases it may be your only viable option.

Data recovery services use advanced software and hardware techniques to clone a damaged or corrupted storage device and enable its contents to be recovered. Here are the basic steps you will use when working with a data recovery service :

1. Perform a deep search for the best data recovery services.

2. Get in touch with the support team for a quote on the restoration process.

3. Ship your device to the recovery center.

4. Technicians will investigate the device and should be able to provide a more reliable estimate regarding its recovery.

5. After the customer agrees to a recovery price, the center will recover the lost data and store it on a new storage device.

6. When recovery is complete and the bill is paid, the new media is shipped to the customer. Old media should be destroyed by the recovery center.


Backing up your computer is one of the most important things you can do to protect your data. However, sometimes you may need to recover files that were not included in a backup. This can be done by using a data recovery tool.