How to Recover PNG Images on Mac: Step-by-Step Guide

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One of the most incredible devices is the Macbook which can store thousands of photos.

You may lose any photo or PNG file by hard-drive formatting, failed photo editing attempts, or a click of a button. As a result, you will permanently lose images from Mac.

It is a real hassle when you accidentally delete a photo. Suddenly losing an image is also a heartbreaking matter.
It makes sorrow when you have lost a picture from any occasion of your special memory. You know how upsetting when you lose any favorite memories.

How to Recover PNG Images on Mac

Here in this article, there is some way to get back your photos from Mac.
We will show you a few techniques so that you can recover your precious photos that delete permanently. Data recovery PNG software is much helpful for you in this case. 

Is it possible to recover photos that you permanently deleted ?

The answer is yes. You can recover the permanently deleted photo on Mac with ease.
Pictures are not erased from the Trash of Mac though you permanently deleted those. Eventually, you lost the accessing the portal of your file that is invisible to you. 

The new model of Apple computers comes with SSD instead of SSD. The TRIM technology of SSD decreases the corrupted PNG file recovery when once permanently deleted. Even there is also the possibility to retrieve those. Though it is low, it is not zero. 

The most common reasons for photo deletion are in the following :

  • A deletion during photo editing
  • Accidental photo deletion
  • Malware or virus infection
  • Hard drive formatting

Five proven ways that will retrieve your deleted photos on a Mac

Here are the five most effective methods for your Mac by which you can recover permanently deleted photos.

Do not be tense. The photo you have lost might not go forever. Here we are helping you by showing you the best ways.
The five essential methods for corrupted PNG file recovery on Mac are:

  • PNG file recovery from the Photos app
  • Restore your recently deleted or lost photos from the Trash on Mac.
  • Retrieve permanently deleted photos by PNG file recovery software
  • Using Time Machine to recover accidentally deleted PNG file
  • Restore your PNG file from iCloud

Keep an eye on each method that will show you the most effective strategies for PNG recovery on Mac.

Png file recovery from the Photos app

Step 1 :

Firstly, you need to check the ‘recently deleted’ folder in your photos app.
For this reason, you need to delete pictures from the app. Then check if the folder is present or not. 

Step 2 :

Go to the photos option and press the recently deleted folder. 

Step 3 :

When you see the deleted images, press the photo option. Then select the ‘recover’ button. The photo will restore to your library automatically. Alternatively, you can drag the images to return to your library. 

Note: remember that after deleting a photo, the photo will stay in your recently deleted folder for 30 days. Then the PNG file will be permanently deleted.

Restore your recently deleted or lost photos from the Trash on Mac

Using this technique, you can gently recover photos. It is easy to retrieve the recently deleted or lost photos using the put-back option in the trash.

  • Click the dock icon and go to the trash option.
  • You will see photos that you’ve deleted. Choose which one you want to recover.
  • Then click the right side on each picture and select “put back”.

Retrieve permanently deleted photos by png file recovery software on Mac

When images are no longer available in the Photos app and Trash on Mac, PNG file recovery software is the best solution. You will find a lot of photo recovery applications online by which you can retrieve your permanently lost or deleted pictures. Disk Drill is one the most recommended tool which is efficient for PNG data recovery. It is a simple and easy Mac tool. It is user-friendly and effective to restore images in case of failure by Trash or photos app. 

Disk Drill uses complex algorithms by which it can recover data from more than 400 file formats. It can scan your Mac deeply. 

Disk Drill is capable of recovering corrupted or failed data. Download and install this fantastic software. The following steps will help you better understand the working procedure.

  • At first, you have to download the Disk Drill software. After installing it, grant permission to function it properly. 
  • Then launch the Disk Drill. Find the ‘search for data lost’ button and click it. 
  • Wait until finishing the scan.
  • After finishing the scan, select the deleted photos you want to recover.
  • Before recovery, you can also preview the images by clicking the ‘preview’ button. 
  • At last, press the top right corner of the ‘recovery’ button and choose the destination where you want to restore the corrupted PNG file.
  • Finally, you will find a window to see the recovered photos.

If you’ve some trouble operating this app, Watch the video of Disk Drill’s System.
To work with this Disk Drill app properly, you may have to restart your MacBook.

Using time Machine to recover accidentally deleted png file

Every MacBook has one pre-installed application named Time Machine. It is one of the fantastic apps that act as a local backup tool. By using it, you can retrieve images from older backups.

Without facing any issue, you can recover images by activating Time Machine. Follow the following steps.

  • Using the finder, you have to open the folder where you have stored images.
  • Then press the Time Machine icon in the menu bar and select ‘Enter Time Machine.’
How to Recover Corrupted PNG Image File on Mac
  • Look at the arrow on the right side and continuously click on that until you find the deleted photos. 
  • After finding deleted photos, you need to click ‘restore’ to recover them.    
  • Finally, you can restore your precious photos. 

It will take some time to restore the photo, depending on the space of your gallery.

Restore your photos from iCloud

Another effective PNG recovery tool is iCloud. Apple’s backup service is iCloud. 
iCloud is capable of synchronizing or storing photos across your apple devices. Images will disappear permanently from all your device when you delete them from iCloud. But the good news is this when you might lose or delete some photos, recover those from the ‘recently deleted’ folder in iCloud. 

  • Firstly, sign in to your iCloud account on Mac. 
  • Go to photos and clock the ‘recently deleted folder’ in iCloud.
  • Select those photos which you want to recover and click ‘recovery.
How to Recover Corrupted PNG Image File on Mac

Remember that photos will last in the ‘recently deleted’ folder in iCloud only for 30 days.

The above five methods are most effective and help you recover your important and precious photos on Mac. No need to worry when you’ve accidentally deleted the necessary PNG file. Macs contain a lot of photo editing apps. Sometimes, the photo may corrupt when the app crashes.

To minimize this mistake, you need to keep an extra copy of the photo before editing. 

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