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Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Introduction

Data recovery can be expensive. That’s why almost all Seagate® hard drives now include Rescue Data Recovery Services. Protect your data and your budget from accidental data loss due to technical problems, misuse or natural disasters.

Seagate Technology is one of the world’ s largest hard drive vendors. It is also the only hard drive manufacturer to offer a RAID data recovery service. Seagate recovery services are not limited to Seagate hard drives. Its engineers can recover data from any brand of RAID drive. This expertise works well with Seagate’s do-it-yourself software, which you can try out before using this service.

Recovery methods depend on a number of factors, including the age of the device, the sophistication of the hardware and the extent of the hardware failure. If the damage is physical in nature, data recovery experts attempt to repair the device by replacing the failed hardware components. If the damage is logical, specialized software can be used to clone the raw data and copy it to a new device.


Hot Features

  • PC and mobile backup.
  • An encrypted storage device containing your recovered data if the recovery is successful.
  • 95% success rate for recovering data from hard drives and internal SSDs.
  • Rescue data recovery services are available with the purchase of any of the Seagate drives.

Customer Reviews

As a potential buyer, reading reviews from customers who have purchased Seagate recovery services software is an essential part of your buying decision. Here are some of the most common pros and cons reported by people who have tried Seagate recovery services.

  • An international team of data recovery experts at your service.
  • A lab-based data recovery attempt.
  • Data recovery can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

Pricing and Plans

Data recovery services are necessary when data is lost due to physical failure of the hard drive. Without a Seagate service plan, recovery fees start at $499 and can reach over $2,000 easily depending on the circumstances of the data loss with 95% success rate for in-house SSD and HDD data recovery.

Customer support

You can contact Seagate  support team from Monday to Friday (Check Location Here), by phone (800.732.4283).

Also you can find the nearest Seagate Support Center, where you can get service and support for your Seagate product.


Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services have 95% success rate for in-house SSD and HDD data recovery. And they will return your data on an encrypted storage device. 

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Defend Against Data Loss With Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services.